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Registered: Dec 6, 2011
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Re: *SPAM Overload. Customer Service: Where are you?
Nobody seems to care......
AMS frozen?
Ask the Community » Reports, Nov 8, 2017
I know they are running scheduled maintenance today (9th Nov) but my current AMS campaign has been s...
Re: Now These are inventive reviews!
Thank you for posting this - might not make the daily target today but feel better about it now. I l...
Re: Feedback please
I think you mean improve.
Re: Have you ever double-dipped with the same book?
Stephen King's 'It' - the only book that has EVER given me nightmares. My c-l-o-w-n phobia got a lo...


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This is getting farcical now -
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Has the minimum word count for reviews been changed?
Ask the Community » Bookshelf, Aug 4, 2014
My first ever one star review arrived today but it was only ONE word in length. One word is not at a...
can anyone improve my blurb
Ask the Community » Bookshelf, Jul 30, 2013
question deleted Edited by: gwythyr on Jul 30, 2013 1:50 AM
September 2017 sales or lack of them - anyone else?
Ask the Community » Reports, Sep 30, 2017
Despite a new release, professional cover and increased promotion, this month has been a complete di...