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Registered: Dec 6, 2011
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Re: Help my book isn't doing very well!!
What have you done to make it sell??
Countdown deals
Do countdown deals start by themselves? I'm doing my first one and the price hasn't changed yet. Was...
Re: Problems publishing
Well that makes me fell better that Amazon isn't trying to kill little old me. That's an odd issue ...
Re: Slow Report Back KDP
I don't feel so bad now because I was freaking out.
Problems publishing
Anyone else having problem publishign or does amazon just hate me? Going on day two now and my newe...


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What really makes people buy ebooks???
So I'm just wondering what makes people go out and buy ebooks. I mean I have a twitter account, a bl...
Who has tried making a book trailer?
So I'm wondering if book trailers really do anything and how many people have made their own? I rea...
Free Promo Day?
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