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Registered: Dec 11, 2011
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Re: Is anyone eles experiencing having categories reduced without republishing?
It's a glitch that's been going on all day. Some people have had their categories restored, some hav...
Re: I am interested in submitting my novel to a contest.
Sigh. Another reminder not to post here. Oh well!
Re: I am interested in submitting my novel to a contest.
Isn't the file on your computer? Assuming you wrote the book? I haven't seen those contest rules, bu...
Re: How do you promote your book without spending too much money?
What do you consider to be "not too much money"? The best places to advertise do cost something. Pu...
Re: Please Help : Some Simple FAQ - Really Appreciate
I know Singapore well. Beautiful country, and very nice people. Find someone with excellent English...


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