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Registered: Dec 18, 2011
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Re: Since I've become a writer I've lost touch with reality.
This is why we write. We have the keys to Wonderland. It's great to have an imagination. Question....
Re: Since I've become a writer I've lost touch with reality.
Nothing wrong with that as long as you don't write erotica. lol
Re: How to get pricing below $0.99?
Move to Canada, .89 cents and diving. How deep can a loon dive? Last time I travelled to Disney Worl...
Re: Does anyone use Grammarly?
Thanks for the help. I realize Grammarly is only a tool and that I need to do the work if I hope to ...
Re: Stupid grammar question
How about; He was green to the art of good manners? Or should I say in? Sorry for putting you out.


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Does anyone use Grammarly?
I would appreciate a little feedback from those of you that have used Grammarly. I looked for this s...
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I'm trying to list my novel with KDP, but I'm still waiting on, Barnes and Noble and Sony to remove ...
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