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Registered: Jan 10, 2012
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Re: Self-Publishing Being Sabotaged To Make Room For The Big 5??
I wouldn't worry about this article being legit. In my opinion, if there was a way to stop themselve...
Re: Is Smashwords too good to be true?
I totally agree with that. What I normally see when first posting a book to Smashwords is a few hot ...
Re: Is Smashwords too good to be true?
Almost every author I know makes virtually no money from Smashwords. So I wouldn't go into it expect...
Re: Rights?
Ditto. Except that I email a copy of the book to my 2nd email account and then archive it w/o openin...
Re: Am i violating copyrights?
This is just opinion, but my rule of thumb is pretty simple. If I have to ask this question, I don't...


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