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Registered: Jan 29, 2012
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Do not give your book away free! EVER
Publisher Support » Feedback, Aug 6, 2016
It is not marketing, it is degrading for you as an Author. It does not promote sales. It gets nothin...
Book sales
Publisher Support » Feedback, Sep 22, 2012
How do I know that all of my sales are reported? Where can my accountant go to verify each transacti...
Re: Giving books away for free rather than discounted is hurting Authors..
Publisher Support » Feedback, Sep 18, 2012
Fully agree with you!
Whats the advantage of giving your book away free?
I have done this had many downloads but it did not result in sales... So I am thinking I will not be...
How do I know how many free books have been downloaded?
Hi simple? How do I know? I have a promotion for one day tomorrow the 17/2/2012 on my novel The Dead...


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My books prices are going up!
Ask the Community » My Account, Jan 30, 2012
Did this happen to you? My books are prices at $5.14 and 4.11. If I google them the first comes up a...