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Re: I made a Bludner today
Ok. More powerful = Her eyes were deep, dark mineshafts. That is tight writing. Perhaps too much?
Re: I made a Bludner today
Can I make a suggestion? Your sentence feels a little awkward. How about: Looking into her eyes w...
Re: Thankyou Amazon KDP
Publisher Support » Feedback, Nov 8, 2013
Hi there, yes, I am happy with the results. It's understandable that you will have less sales than ...
Thankyou Amazon KDP
Publisher Support » Feedback, Nov 8, 2013
I'd just like to say thank you Amazon KDP for your great new choice for promotion. I think Kindle c...
Re: My book has been wiped out!!!!
Hi Mark, I've just had a look and your second and third books are available for sale. Your first bo...


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