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Registered: Feb 14, 2012
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Re: Am I going slowly mad?
like being up for being down. or like being down for getting high. or like being high on getting d...
Re: Personal best - Top 100 Amazon overall!
That is such a rad personal best! -k
Re: How Do I Insert Photos Into Kindle Book?
One is zip files...please NOOOO! No rar for you. And certainly no tar. Maybe just a little z...
Re: How Do I Insert Photos Into Kindle Book?
As real as any fake numbers can be, I suppose. The thing about pictures on Kindles is you have to p...
Re: How Do I Insert Photos Into Kindle Book?
Fire HD: 254 dpi iPad 3: 265 dpi Galaxy Nexus: 315 dpi iPhone4: 329 dpi Computer of the Future: ...


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As American As Pizza Pie by kennydill
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