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George Garrigues
Registered: Aug 12, 2015
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Biography Retired journalist and journalism professor, having begun my career selling newspapers on a corner in 1944. Really.

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Re: Aspect ratio for pictures in book
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jan 18, 2018
"It's how it looks in the Amazon store that's important." That is a good point, NJ. I never really t...
Re: E-book and POD books
As with most questions like this, the answer is "It depends." As for me, I like to do the e-book fir...
Re: Paperback Book Cost
NJ: Sure, I get it now. "Skinny" books are more like pamphlets. But I would disagree about the numbe...
Re: Paperback Book Cost
How do you do that? Make the e-book free if the paper one is bought?
Re: Paperback Book Cost
OK. Your secret is safe here! Good luck to you.


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How do I add another administrator to my account?
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