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Registered: Mar 12, 2012
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Re: copyrighting
Well said, NJ, and thanks for the chuckle! Dead And Alive (
Re: Jay Leno Has "Added Me to His Circles"
Mmm, think I can top that. Some years back, my family and I ran into Richard Nixon at a restauran...
Re: Reports - Page Loads with no info on it
Me no like! Feed me, Seymour! ;-) Dead And Alive (
Re: Silly Question - What is Amazon BR?
L. L. Thrasher I always assumed Germany - Deutschland, or something (sort of?) close to that. Dea...
Re: Silly Question - What is Amazon BR?
Thanks, guys, much appreciated - dunno WHY that answer didn't occur to me! :-) Dead And Alive ...


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