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Ned Kelly
Registered: Sep 5, 2015
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Re: Is my novel doomed?
Mark, suggest if you do run a freebie, don't run it for the full 5 days, run it two days preferably ...
Re: Words and Phrases Used Too Often
And this fetish with'd think some people would evaporate if they didn't have coffee. Wh...
Re: Words and Phrases Used Too Often
Wretched phrases and over used words come and go. Over the past 40 years (plus) I've winced often as...
Re: Print photos much darker in print than in the manuscript -what can I do?
Beth, sounds as if you have set Grey Scale or Black and White in your Word Picture formattin...
Re: FBI interference in publishing? Does anyone have ideas if FBI meddles
At least you tried... I once got the idea I could build a nuke by collecting the scrapings off lumi...