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Registered: Apr 3, 2012
Total Posts: 354
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Location Pittsburgh, PA

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Re: What can be done about 17 page scamphlets?
to attack you -- and all heart)? Gotcha...apologies, I misunderstood. Sending a truce handshak...
Re: Why Proof Reading Is Important :-D
Haha, you got me on those two sentences..."dig bick." I found all six on the first try.
Re: What can be done about 17 page scamphlets?
Whoa, whoa, hey. I was defending you. And all I had to go on was the page length listed on both yo...
Re: Back Stabbers - Be Warned!
Can we all agree to let this post fall by the wayside? There has been such an insurgence lately wit...
Re: What is your editing process like?
What is my editing process like? Bang head on desk, then repeat....


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