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Re: KDP price stuck at .99 -How do I get it changed back to $3.99
Publisher Support » Feedback, Dec 13, 2012
If it shows "Draft" it means you didn't finish republishing. Make sure you save your changes by clic...
Re: Book Borrows?
Are you confusing KOLL borrows with free downloads? You never get paid for free downloads. KOLL borr...
Re: Can an author comment about a review on their book?
You may reply to a review by posting a Comment under the review. However, this is usually not a good...
Re: book covers - who owns them?
quailrancher is right, at least under U.S. copyright law. (The law may be different in other countri...
Re: What to put in 'Promotions Manager' - Author's name or Title of Book?
Publisher Support » Feedback, Sep 6, 2012
It is for the name of the promotional campaign. It is only for your reference, so you can enter anyt...