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Registered: Apr 5, 2012
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Re: what type of person demands a refund for a $.99 purchase?
I just wish it applied to other purchases. The mediocre sandwich, the T-shirt that gets limp afte...
Re: Be aware that purchases of image packages from 123RF have expiry date
I suppose that since gift cards are no longer allowed to have expiry dates, I assumed this applied h...
Be aware that purchases of image packages from 123RF have expiry date
I was surprised/disappointed to receive a notice that my image package was going to expire at the en...
Re: Kindleboards, good or bad?
Kindleboards are not a place to promote your book although you get to put your front covers in your ...
Re: How do I get my book onto amazon's email promotional flyer?
You pay $15 and send an e-mail to the right person with the ISBN.


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would people stop reading? would they read the stash of free books they already have? would they ...
Have you been to the places you've written about?
I suppose I'm speaking of contemporary fiction. It would be difficult to visit Regency England or ...
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