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Ashley Baker
Registered: Sep 12, 2015
Total Posts: 14
Location Texas
Occupation Writer
Biography I'm a multi-lingual writer living in north Texas. I'm currently working on a new book in the romance genre. Feel free to message me with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Re: Reviews not showing up!
Ask the Community » My Account, Oct 20, 2015
LOL you couldn't be more right Rachelle
Re: For all that is holy, please help. I'm in a situation.
Ask the Community » Formatting, Oct 20, 2015
No worries Arthur! Just calm down. I'm sure someone will be help you soon :)
Re: Those beautiful red Lines
Ask the Community » Reports, Oct 20, 2015
We all love that feeling :) Congrats on your sales Rajesh!
Re: How many views?
Ask the Community » My Account, Oct 20, 2015
Yeah, they're right. There isn't a way to check them :(
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