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Registered: Apr 10, 2012
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Re: Question for those writers selling 1000+ units a month...
I think you have to stumble around for awhile and find the best strategy that works for you. Here ar...
Re: That Nook surprise!
I didn't get my confirmation email, either. I finally got a Live Chat person--it was almost entirely...
Re: That Nook surprise!
Gldrummond, I'm still holding my breath. I hope they answer their chat soon! lol
Re: That Nook surprise!
Rats, it barfed, and I'm dead in the water, and the new chat help is "temporarily unavailable" becau...
Re: Does price dropping to 99c actually work?
I've found it really depends on the book. My kids' books only sell at 99 cents, but some of my other...


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