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Registered: Apr 11, 2012
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Re: Playlist for the book? Good idea? Is it legal?
I've considered doing the same for my books. I'd have done it accept for the fact I haven't gotten a...
Re: How To Make A Public Domain Cover
It was not my intention to ask the same question multiple times. I have not been on the KDP boards f...
Re: How To Make A Public Domain Cover
I'm just amazed that the template has been used literally thousands of times and I can't find any in...
How To Make A Public Domain Cover
I'd like to know how to make a book cover like this:
How To Make A Public Domain Cover
I'm looking to make a book look as though it was a public domain book from a hundred or more years a...


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Third Person Limited Narrator
The novel I wrote uses a third person limited form of narration. This does not mean that I am strict...
Formatting different on all readers
Ask the Community » Formatting, Sep 10, 2012
My preview looks perfect on Ipad, less perfect on Kindle, and even worse on Fire. One problem, onl...
Your Opinion Is Appreciated
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