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Registered: Apr 12, 2012
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Taxes - quarterly, or yearly?
Are we supposed to be paying quarterly taxes? Or yearly taxes (due April 15th right?). How have you ...
amazon showing the wrong version of book in search
I published in audible and kindle. I linked them together and now in searches, only the audible book...
Re: Why was my book blocked?
Your book could get you in serious trouble. writing about 14-17 year olds having sex = possession/at...
Re: 25$ dollar custom ebook covers.
LOL these are terrible, badly photoshopped, cheesy, awkward's no wonder your only customers a...
Re: Post Publication Blues
why waste everyones time with this if you havent put any effort into it?


Recent Questions:
book came out jumbled. how long will the updated version take?
I uploaded my book, apparently PDF/kindle can't use the cambria font, so it published full of number...