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Registered: Apr 27, 2012
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Re: KDP is really a good platform for authors.
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jun 24, 2017
Well welcome. I am happy here as well. KDP is a dynamic resource for indie writers Much success. Te...
Re: BACK after 5 Years WHAT does KENP pay?
I have found Give Aways work to promote other books in a series. KENP pays about $4.50 per thousand...
Re: What's the most KENP you ever got in one day?
26,000 spread over nine titles. Have seen shot periods where daily average was in excess of 10,000. ...
Re: Amazon Writer Reality Check: A Beware Notice
I have been a member of KDP since 2012. I have periods where I make thousands and then because I get...
Re: Legal question
Publisher Support » Feedback, Apr 17, 2017
As a base for a moral platform I agree with you especially in instances of advocacy of harm.


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Publisher Support » Feedback, Apr 15, 2017
A legal question. I recently read a book of fiction'No Take Backs' that speculates about what would ...