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Re: Threads that are predicted to become disasters.
Go to your nearest river and drink from it unfiltered. Water was drinkable straight from the source ...
Re: Threads that are predicted to become disasters.
Seven billion humans create over a billion gallons of urine per day. The Mississippi river flows twe...
Re: Don't promote Free
Amazon is the best platform for selling books without spending writing time trying to market. I've t...
Re: Don't promote Free
An absolute rule? I am sure many writers with series would disagree. The 'Wool' series is a good exa...
Re: Rear Up or Rare Up? When someone is angry, show boating, or strutting
I finally did an online search for 'rared up'. Basically it is to react aggressively. Still, it is n...


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Why are all my US Sales at 35% even though I chose 70%. Also is there a contact for Amazon Kindle?
Royalties in US set at 35% after I chose 70%
I chose 70% but royalties for US are being paid at 35%. Is this normal?
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