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Registered: May 6, 2012
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Re: How did you get 5 star reviews to your book?
Write a book that people love.
Re: Should I kill off the main character?
If you never want to write in that world again, then go ahead. If the character is likeable, do it a...
Re: Are you interested in books in Russian?
In general, I think the most Russian books are available at the Apple iTunes bookstore. Barnes and N...
Re:How can authors overcome typos and grammer issues in their books.
This is true. Just as I wouldn't let some "mechanics" change a tire, let alone work on my engine, a ...
Re: Observations since going back into Select
I resisted Select for three years. My sales on all non-Amazon platforms in June were 5 books, while ...


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There is a new service called BookTrakr that is promoting itself to authors on Twitter and other soc...
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After reading a post on pirate sites, I googled my books out of curiosity. I wasn't really surprised...