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Re: Good bad or indifferent
Whichever is the case, what does it say for the future of self publishing? The thing about sales i...
Re: My experience with KDP
Publisher Support » Feedback, Nov 21, 2017
Julia-- It was deter*mined. Well spotted! That one still gets me every now and then.
Re: Hitch? Can you help me?
Glad you got it figured out. If I ever decide to do a fixed-format book, I'll have to keep that in m...
Re: Why is my book not selling and KENP
What I wholeheartedly disagree with is your comment that this is the way it's commonly done in Engl...
Re: Is anyone in any author groups on Facebook?
I'm brand new to this! Author groups on Facebook mostly consist of authors screaming about their bo...


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