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Registered: May 15, 2012
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Re: Surprise Entries on Signup
Bob, The file extension must be (docx). Doc doesn't work for Amazon.
Re: Try My "Look Inside" page--what a mess and NO ONE CARES
Publisher Support » Feedback, Aug 17, 2014
I just took a look and it's just fine. Maybe you managed to get it fixed, but if it is still formate...
Re: To speed up writing your novels, does anyone use speech to text programs?
Why would I ever want to dictate a novel? That would suggest that I have an idea what might happen n...
Re: Cheap editor anyone?
No thanks. I just read your Author Services page and it contains an error.
Re: Just uploaded my first book, but no sales?
Publisher Support » Feedback, Jul 6, 2014
The truth of the matter is that you may never sell a book. However, the ability to give it an even c...