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Registered: Jun 1, 2012
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Re: INKITT or rethink it?
Whoa, now everyone knows why you don't respond to reviews on Amazon or Goodreads (in re Inkitt's rep...
Re: Title change? o to O
If you went through Createspace, contact them on the phone and request they make the change manually...
Re: Erotica listing removed
There are several likely scenarios for why the entire catalog is gone. One is that the author is c...
Re: Did anyone else get this massive apology/middle-finger email from NY mag?
My guess is that after the numerous independent complaints of spamming that they got hit with threat...
Re: How does a book get on the shelves of Barnes & Noble?
A sale through B&N would have showed on your Createspace dashboard as "Expanded distribution" though...


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