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Registered: Jun 15, 2012
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Re: Can a verified review be fake?
Oh no! A fake review?? Let me see. 👀 Hahahahahahaha!!! I needed a big laugh today. This prepo...
Re: File Sizes/Delivery Charge for Illus Children's Book-Other's Experience
Can folks who've published illustrated (fixed format with text pop-ups) children's books share what...
Re: Changing Author After Rebrand
Thanks, but it won't let me claim my newly branded (pen named) books, saying they are "Already Clai...
Re: Changing Author Central With New Pen Name
I'm transferring two books to a new pen name and of course want to change (or add) a new Author Cen...
Re: Farewell
:-D :-D :-D You actually took the words right off the tip of my tongue! My mom use to say it too...


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distributing .mobi files
Has anyone had any problems sending a .mobi file (you downloaded from your desktop) to a reviewer?