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Re: Images of book in Author Central
The book: Notjohn's Guide to Kindle Publishing: Ten Steps to Formatting Your E-book for Amazon (O...
Re: How complex is the Create Space process?
The first time around I didn't bother with print copies. I now think that was a mistake. Most peopl...
Re: Just how erotic can 'erotica' be, on KDP?
Edited by: Diana Persaud on Sep 1, 2015 4:09 PM I just got off the phone with my brother. We had ...
Re: Just how erotic can 'erotica' be, on KDP?
my book has no safe tag. :-( i wonder why not?????? It's fairly tame-ish in comparison to most. Th...
Re: Shocked At BIG Drop In Earnings Through New Paid By Page Read System
The irony here is you are trashing on a discount yet admitted that you would use that exact same di...


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Has anyone had any problems sending a .mobi file (you downloaded from your desktop) to a reviewer?