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Registered: Jun 15, 2012
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Re: I don't want to use CreateSpace how do I ship my books?
Create Space has been known more for printing novels. Did you try it for yourself by printing a sm...
Re: Top 10 Books
Thanking you, Try prune juice.
Re: Scrivener for Bundled ebook set
And if you'd even bothered to read what you quoted (which was, ironically, my reply to someone ELSE...
Re: Scrivener for Bundled ebook set
1 a) I do not have word (don't believe in renting software) and 1b) even if I did, a word doc would...
Re: Amendments to published book, cover not meeting requirements
It always amazes me that people will throw money at incompetent book designers, yet not spend the f...


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distributing .mobi files
Has anyone had any problems sending a .mobi file (you downloaded from your desktop) to a reviewer?