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Re: Is the Kindle Previewer reliable when confirming your books formatting?
Edited by: surosh on Aug 26, 2016 12:57 PM No. Buy your own book and look at it on every device yo...
Re: Look Inside doing something weird.
Traci. I ran into a weird issue like this once. To fix it I selected all then applied a left or ju...
Re: Where can I get PDF to "Word" Conversions?
Gordy If your pages are jpegs I know of no such pdf to Word conversion software that will convert ...
Re: Forum Negativity
I use to be more helpful. I wanted to be. And then all that snarkiness (especially from RUDE newb...
Re: Does Font Type and Font Size Matter?
The smallest text I like to use is 10 pt Georgia set at 1.1 lines. It's darker than nearly all the t...


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