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Registered: Jun 15, 2012
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Re: Question about output from Calibre
I deleted Calibre years ago. I never found it to be useful. There are better ways of doing what Cali...
Re: Will Amazon Publishing proof-read my book?
I've been using my college HCH since 1976. Whenever my hand is on my mouse, the book is only a few...
Re: Google Paid Site Giving eBook Away
David Don't back down just because it's on Google. That is all the more reason to submit the DMCA.
Re: Kindle Select Exclusivity
Edited by: STEPHEN W BENNETT on Jul 1, 2016 5:21 PM You're in one of those insatiable readers genr...
Re: Working on Multiple books at the same time
Does anyone write more than one book at a time? I was wondering if it was possible to successfully ...


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Has anyone had any problems sending a .mobi file (you downloaded from your desktop) to a reviewer?