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Registered: Jun 15, 2012
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Re: Change in review guidelines
While Amazon is trying to reduce the number of 'engineered' reviews, which is obviously right, Good...
Re: The downside of lending libraries
I also find that "argument" or position interesting. People want free stuff. But they aren't willin...
Re: Amazon banning legit reviewers
I get so excited when readers make the effort to rate one of my books. Ratings are few and far betw...
Re: Selling to an independent book store
OMIGOD!!! Will you people who live in the UK & Europe PLEASE go back and read ALL of Villgoise's po...
Re: Amazon banning legit reviewers
I've recently started getting Bookbub daily deals. It is shocking to see so many titles with 20,000...


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distributing .mobi files
Has anyone had any problems sending a .mobi file (you downloaded from your desktop) to a reviewer?