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Registered: Jun 18, 2012
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Location New Zealand
Occupation Community Health
Biography Bruce Alpine is a science writer based out of the Kapiti Coast in New Zealand. Renowned for his ability to explain complex and technical issues in a way that is both easy to understand and fun to read, Bruce has gained a small but devoted audience since he published his first book, A History Of Life On Earth. Born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1958, Bruce was the only son of a former college instructor. His mother was born in Britain and immigrated to New Zealand when she was 21. She encouraged Bruce and his three sisters to read often and study hard in school, and when it became clear that Bruce had an affinity for science, she encouraged that too. Bruce’s key interests revolve around the Earth and the life that inhabits it: how it sprang up, how it’s come to be the way it is, how it functions now, etc. In addition to his work as a writer, Bruce is employed in the health support industry. He has two children, one son and one daughter, both of whom are grown up.

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