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Registered: Jun 27, 2012
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Location Virginia
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Re: Top 10 Bad Reasons to Give Someone a 1 Star Review
#6 is my favorite. Blurb: "ZOMBIEs!" by Rod Zombie. A gore-spattered ZOMBIE romp through a zombi...
Re: The edge publishers get on
I self-edit my posts, yes. Make the occasional typo, too. But constant, systematic, pervasive and en...
Re: The edge publishers get on
You are on a writer's forum. What exactly did you expect? If you were on a car forum and constantly...
Re: The edge publishers get on
But go on, please try and act like you are smart than me. He is "smart than" you.
Re: The edge publishers get on
There are some people who think the world is out to get them. ...and seem heII-bent on making it c...


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