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Registered: Jul 12, 2012
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Biography writing as Wylee Carter and living in Southeast Idaho, USA.

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Re: I'm a Newbie, can I get some feedback please?
Hi, I liked your cover, except that you need to fix the author's name. It doesn't show up on the thu...
Re: 1st person or 3rd person
it totally depends on the story. for my current WIP, I struggled with which POV to use for about a ...
Re: Your thoughts and opinions about online writers groups?
More replies, thanks and you all made some very good points.
Re: Your thoughts and opinions about online writers groups?
thanks for all your insightful replies..
Re: Your advice please..people are misunderstanding my book cover
Wait. Disney did not invent Snow White. how could they own the trademark? to the OP, Yes I do th...


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Your thoughts and opinions about online writers groups?
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How important is an Amazon author page if you only have one book? I can see how it would be benefi...
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which do you personally prefer and why? ----- my book ( my ...
How to get your book under "Teen" genre?
I looked carefully, but couldn't see that choice in the list of categories. my book is for middle-sc...
is there a way to send my book to my own kindle?
yay! I just successfully uploaded my first book. It looked just fine on all the device previews. but...