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Registered: Aug 4, 2012
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Re: Sudden zip sales
Thanks - are you exclusive to Kindle? Or part of any marketing programs?
Sudden zip sales
Hi - anyone else experiencing a sudden end or drastic decrease in sales? I'm still doing well on Noo...
Re: KDP-Select - Does it work?
Thanks to those who responded. I may take the plunge. One more question - do you offer your books a...
KDP-Select - Does it work?
What has your experience been with KDP? I am tempted to try it, but hate giving up other venues for ...
Odd event on sale/refund
I had three consecutive sales in Australia on June 7/8 for my series. All three were refunded within...


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Curious - I have sales daily on B&N and virtually nothing on Amazon. Does anyone else experience thi...
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