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Gary O'Riley
Registered: Sep 24, 2012
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Re: replying to a poor review
the criticisms made are genuine. I would, for instance, like to know what device the etext was rea...
Re: I want to make sure of something between Createspace and KDP
Do you get a proof copy with KDP Print?
The State of Play With KDP Print?
I know the general consensus is to stick with CS. But I was wondering if KDP Print has ironed out it...
Re: Look Inside feature- where did it go?
Or make my Scotch a double... I've moved on to Irish, since the prices of single Scotch malts hav...
Re: Take a look at my book? Opinions?
"What was the point? So many noses out of joint and so many feathers ruffled. For what?" Very good ...