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Robert Stetson
Registered: Sep 28, 2012
Total Posts: 338
Total Questions: 24 (1 unresolved)
Location Massachusetts
Occupation Retired. Currently Author
Biography Former licensed Private Detective Former Principal Systems Engineer with Digital and hp. Current Real Estate Broker. Author of 13 Engineering Articles in Professional Jornals. Retired

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Re: Creating new cover for my book on Paperback ?
Check with about inexpensive covers for eBooks, paperback and hardcover.
Re: Other Authors Ripping off my books
If you're concerned about the title being the same, you can't copyright a title. Book titles are oft...
Oh, my God! I never read endless pages, eluding to people fighting, haggling struggling and writhin...
Re: Have sales slowed?
My sales are fine. Someone purchased 18 of my books and returned then all for credit the same day th...
Re: ACX audiobooks
I do 50/50 splits on ACX for producing audio books and typically complete a book under 3 hours in 2 ...


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Has to be legitimate.