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Stephanie L Kisner
Registered: Sep 29, 2012
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Re: What I've Learned
Thank you! You are not just giving out advice, but also encouragement - both of which are priceless....
Re: Slow Sales? Some Stats to Consider
CreateSpace is totally free, unless you want expanded distribution or you choose to pay someone to d...
Re: Found a site selling my books.
The e-readers they sell are exclusively Kobo... like ChaptersIndigo does in Canada. I'll bet that, l...
Re: Is the Kindle Store Display Out of Wack?
I use IE 10, and have been running everything Amazon, including the reports page, in compatibility m...
Re: Customer services either lied or fobbed me off. Please HELP!!!
After working in banking for a few years, I think maybe I can explain why they sent a check. You cha...


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