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William C. Leger
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Biography William Leger grew up in New England. His father was in the Navy so he traveled a lot but finally settled in Maine. After high school, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and served two years in Viet Nam, as a combat engineer. Upon leaving the Army, he worked several jobs and was married before becoming a professional firefighter. Attending classes nights at the University of Maine, he got a Bachelor's degree in History in 1979. After graduation, he worked two more years in Maine before leaving the fire department and moving to the mid-west. There, he went to work for the government and apprenticed, as a machinist, getting his journeyman card in 1987. Bill later became a Quality Assurance Specialist, which took him back to New England for several years. He then returned to the mid-west ten years later and retired in 2012. Throughout; history has been his passion. As his history professor emphasized: “History is the story of the lives of people and not just a study of names, places, and dates.” The author is therefore interested in putting history back into a human perspective because that is what it was really about. Since the late “middle ages”; that time just before the Italian Renaissance was so important even to modern events: that is what the author has concentrated his studies on. One last disclaimer: Characters in his novels occasionally use derogatory dialogue regarding issues of religious beliefs because that was, as natural for various factions at that time, as it is now. Please do not mistake or construe any of the character’s statements or comments, as reflective of the author’s personal opinions or as an attempt to exalt or vilify any particular faith.

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