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Dave Casey
Registered: Mar 3, 2016
Total Posts: 387
Total Questions: 4
Location Las Vegas, NV
Occupation Artist & writer

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Re: Overdrive
If you are enrolled in KDP Select I don't believe you can.
Re: How to Wrangle Whole Screen Images in an Ebook?
Ask the Community » Formatting, Jan 19, 2018
I'm wondering if using the Kindle Comic Creator would help your efforts.
Re: How to advertise my book without any cost and reach a lot of readers online
Having looked in you "book" I can only repeat the words of Postmaster Kevin Brown, "This is an examp...
Re: Choosing what book to write?
I would write the one that would sell the best, I am slowly trying to move up the food chain myself...
Re: Choosing what book to write?
You write the one that is speaking to you at the moment. Of course, this can cause problems when ano...


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