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Subject Author Forum Modification Date
Create Travel Books with many pictures - possible with KDP?? Petra Hess Formatting Jan 11, 2018
Wie erstelle ich ein Reisebuch E-Book mit vielen Bildern? Petra Hess Formatierung Jan 10, 2018
Why can't I find my e-book? Precious Mmachi Egwuonwu Voice of the Author / Publisher Nov 20, 2017
Changing the wording on the cover of a published e-book Ian Douglas General Questions Nov 5, 2017
Advice on giving my e-book a makeover Jennifer Webster Voice of the Author / Publisher Oct 29, 2017
Alerta sobre desvios/furtos de textos Lou de Olivier Perguntas Gerais Oct 12, 2017
Re: Purchase in one country affects ranking in other countries? JanieeFortune General Questions Oct 5, 2017
Quando eu abrir os olhos: Textos, Mensagens e Meditações ve2011 Voz do Autor/ Representante Oct 2, 2017
Text is appearing different in Tablet, E-Reader & Phone Theresa Conti Formatting Sep 6, 2017
Balas de prata e um revolver de dois canos - Livro gratuito no KDP Select Josué Barbosa Voz do Autor/ Representante Aug 31, 2017
E-BOOKS PUBLICADOS POR MIM A APENAS R$ 1,99 cada. Guilherme Felipe Agapto Voz do Autor/ Representante Aug 26, 2017
what can I do after 250.000 ad compressions/75 clicks/ w 1 sale of my book? Rochester Allums General Questions Aug 3, 2017
Configuração de fonte não habilitada alessander Formatação Jul 29, 2017
Lançamento Claudio Parreira Voz do Autor/ Representante Jul 19, 2017
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