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Thread: Print Quality

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Elise Wong

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Print Quality
Posted: Apr 23, 2017 3:32 AM
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Having published my paperback book through KDP, when a copy was purchased we saw, straight away, that every picture in the book has been printed very dark!!

We immediately unpublished the book and want to know how to ensure any future prints will not have the same issue.

I notice that now the book is 'unpublished' the book is still on offer on the Amazon website for a price much higher than the original price set by myself.

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Joseph M Erhardt

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Re: Print Quality
Posted: Apr 23, 2017 4:45 AM   in response to: Elise Wong in response to: Elise Wong
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You may be talking about the price offered by third-party sellers (also called "parasite marketers"). Those (almost always) do NOT have your paperback. Should they actually get an order, they'd order a copy from Amazon & re-ship it, or sometimes even order a drop-ship directly to the customer mark.

Nobody who knows anything about the third-party marketers believes them about their "x used, y new" copy counts.

Edit: Because the KDP paperback option does not, at this time, allow for the purchase of proof copies so that an author can see for themselves was the product looks like before actually "publish"ing, one way to get around this is to lower the price to absolute minimum, buy your own copy, and then put the price back where you want it AND also unpublish until you can verify that things are okay. Sort of what you've done (though I don't know if you did the pricing bit).

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Re: Print Quality
Posted: Apr 24, 2017 2:43 AM   in response to: Elise Wong in response to: Elise Wong
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There are two ways to avoid this problem:

1) Distribute through CreateSpace, where you can get a physical proof copy or at least down a PDF of your book if shipping to your country is too expensive.

2) Upload a PDF to KDP Print. What you see in the PDF is what the book will look like unless there's a problem at the printing end, in which case the printer should fix it or replace it.

I hope you have returned the book for credit?

KDP Print Beta was rolled out at the end of September. The process was buggy, and it seems to remain so to this day. The quality of the books that actually go on sale is rather low, as you can see by doing a search on Amazon for Independently published

Its sole advantage is that the author-publisher gets to see his or her paperback sales on the same page as the Kindle sales. But really, how big an advantage is that? How many seconds does it take, really, to check one's sales on Createspace--ten seconds, thirty seconds?

In exchange, you get that buggy publishing process, no physical proof copy, no discounted author copies for gift or resale, and no distribution to Barnes & Noble or to brick-and-mortar bookstores. (Most small bookstores will, as a favor to a customer and perhaps a small surcharge, order a Createspace or IngramSpark paperback.)

My advice is to stick with CreateSpace with its excellent cover wizard, helpful community forum, and direct-to-author discounted sales.

Good luck! -- NJ

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