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Thread: Correction to Manuscript not happening. Why?

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Correction to Manuscript not happening. Why?
Posted: Sep 28, 2017 4:18 AM
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Over two weeks ago, I used Kindle Create to upload the manuscript of my book for publication. I opted to submit it for pre-order (on October 9th). All seemed to be well, until, on reading through the book using the "Previewer" I noticed an error in the text - a simple spelling mistake which had bypassed both my and KDP's spelling check. (confusion between the homonyms "paid" and "payed" - both legitimate words, so no spell-checker would pick it up.)

It appears that since I've used Kindle Create, the option of downloading an HTML file for me to correct and re-upload isn't available.

I went back to Kindle Create, corrected the mistake and saved the project. I checked the Kindle Create file again and all was as it should be.

I went to my Bookshelf and followed the procedure to upload the new, corrected version. I used the .kpf file produced by Kindle Create, but I had checked it and it was OK - the error had been corrected in the file I uploaded. KDP accepted my new upload without problem.

I made sure to go from the Content Creation page to the Pricing page, checked everything there and, finally pressed "Submit for pre-order." Everything seemed to be fine.

Five days later, when I look at the "Previewer" - the only means I have of checking what, presumably, will eventually appear in the published novel - the error is still there!

I have contacted KDP twice concerning this matter and followed their instructions to the letter - which was basically to do what I'd done in the first place - re-upload my corrected .kpf file and hit "Submit for Pre-order", but still, the error persists.
Some time after each attempt to upload my corrected manuscript, I received an automated e-mail telling me that my book was available for pre-order.

I'm getting close to the release date, so, this morning, having checked the "Previewer" and finding that the error was still there, I contacted KDP for the third time.

This time, I received a reply which told me "You'll need to contact our partner site, for more information about your issue, as our international websites operate independently." The link they provided took me to a page on where I could query any orders I had made. WTF!!!! (I am in the UK and the base price for my book is in GBP).

I've replied to KDP's latest e-mail asking them to clarify whether, or not, KDP is divided into national sites and, if so, point me towards the correct one where I can get the error in my MS put right. I didn't think KDP was split up in that way, especially since, on the Pricing page for your book, it lists all the different regional Amazon sites on which it will be available.

Can anyone offer any help, or advice, please? If that blasted error doesn't disappear, I'll have no choice but to unpublish and start again.

With thanks.

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Re: Correction to Manuscript not happening. Why?
Posted: Sep 28, 2017 6:59 AM   in response to: MR DENZIL W DUD... in response to: MR DENZIL W DUD...
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No, your problem is not going to be solved through the Amazon UK customer service. The person who responded must have totally misunderstood your question. I assume you used the Contact link at lower right of this page? That's the correct place. Keep replying politely and ask to have the issue escalated.

Try clearing browser history and cookies and try again on the Preview. It really should show the current version, but since I've never used Create it's possible it has something funky about it. Uploading the new version over the old was indeed the right way to proceed.

A lot of people have reported confusion and problems with pre-order. It's really not worth it unless you have a large group of fans waiting for your latest and have been heavily promoting. If this isn't the case, I wouldn't worry about it. No one will be lining up (or queuing) to pre-order your book, and any who do won't be put off by one typo. You'd have to cancel the pre-order to make a big change at this point, which will make Amazon peeved at you. Wait until the book is live and try again to upload the correct version. Buy a copy yourself once the new version is live to make sure the typo was indeed corrected.

Good luck!

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Re: Correction to Manuscript not happening. Why?
Posted: Oct 2, 2017 3:13 AM   in response to: cdalebrittain in response to: cdalebrittain
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Thank you cdalebrittain.

In the end I went for the option of bypassing Kindle Create and uploading a revised/corrected .docx version through my Bookshelf. It seemed to work. After a few hours, I was able to download a .mobi version which checks out OK.

The only thing now is that on my Bookshelf, the title now shows as "available for pre-order with unpublished changes." I'll give it a few days and if it's still the same, will contact KDP Help again.

Best wishes,

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