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Thread: How To Get Job Soon

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How To Get Job Soon
Posted: Oct 1, 2017 7:07 AM
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The quantity of vocational and vocational graduates is increasing every year. The growing number of very small jobs can not afford to accommodate all these graduates. As a result, competition in the world of work is getting tighter.

The company is also increasingly selective in lifting new workforce. The reason, from millions of alumni also not entirely have the ability to qualify. Not entirely feasible in the world of work that all applicative.

Companies prefer to take applicants who have had previous career experience. As a result fresh grad increasingly difficult to obtain a seat in the world of work.
If there are they usually do not have the courage to deliver the skill that he mastered to the company. Either because of the lack of ability or at least the ability to negotiate themselves to employment providers.
Well, below is my suggestion so you can be quickly accepted in the company.

Willing to Transparent and Enable the Existing Network

You should be open to everyone that you are still unemployed. This gentle attitude will provoke the concern of the people around you, to spend a little time telling you if they know of any interesting job opportunities.
The more enterprising people talk to the more you will get interesting and minimal competitor locker information. Although there may be some people you do not have to tell me about your condition, those who envy you.

Pick up Opportunity

If you are tired of using job information, you should use another trick, which is to pick up the opportunity The meaning is you go directly to the owner of the task, and volunteered to do it.
Do not worry, because the rich have done it. Like when the beginning of Ciputra began his career with his wife. They approached the governor of Jakarta at that time in 1972, then admitted as a graduate of ITB. They then offered to tackle one of the problems in Jakarta. Jakarta. As time passes they gain success. Next we know them with MIDAS, which transforms the location full of garbage into a gold field, like Ancol.

If you are brave, you can imitate their tracks.

Put Your Self Information in the Social Media Working Group

Now his age has grown sophisticated. Not necessarily the provider of employment that posted the vacancy announcement. You as a prospective employee word play here may make announcements in facebook groups, that you are in need of a locker. In order for those who need the manpower to apply for you.

Improve Quality of Letters of Application

If you have attempted to send a cover letter but have not gungjung get an interview opportunity, it helps you take advantage of available leisure time to improve the job application documents. Find examples of good and correct job application letter with an interesting layout.
Who knows during this time your job application documents are often rejected because there is a disability in it, or not interesting. Take your best friend who is good at Indonesian or English proficient to research your cover letter and your history list.

Master the Interview Technique

After your application letter correct you will soon have an interview request. Therefore your word play here should learn the technique of answering questions so as not to mis-answer. Interviews are difficult fading sessions as well as decisive fading in new employee acceptance. If it is not appropriate in responding to the question can make the selector instantly disappear and lose your name as a new employee candidate.
My suggestion You open the videos on youtube Teddy Diego channel. He explores in detail and explicitly about job interview techniques.

Avoid There is a Vacuum Time

Among the time you are unemployed looking for a job try not to be unemployed. Fill it with learning, part-time work. Many kemudhorotran when you are a lot of empty time. Like for example your spirit will be down. it needs more time to boost your spirits.
The second, if too long unemployed will make your curriculum vitae job application so less good. Why? Because HRD sukaknya curiously with your work history. If there is too long you do not work, chances are they will suspect that you have applied for several companies' jobs for some and no company is willing to recruit. That
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