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Thread: Confused

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Permlink Replies: 2 - Pages: 1 - Last Post: Feb 1, 2018 5:50 PM Last Post By: Joseph M Erhardt
Andy Collings

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Posted: Feb 1, 2018 10:02 AM
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If I make changes to my book - ebook and paperback versions - will I lose my reviews?

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Re: Confused
Posted: Feb 1, 2018 10:06 AM   in response to: Andy Collings in response to: Andy Collings
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No. :)
Assuming the change isn't deleting the book and starting again. If you are only uploading an amended manuscript file it will just overwrite the original but remember to go all the way through and press Publish again.
Joseph M Erhardt

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Re: Confused
Posted: Feb 1, 2018 5:50 PM   in response to: Andy Collings in response to: Andy Collings
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And, I know the next question, so herewith from my file of standard answers:


How come I don't see the changes in my copy of my book that I bought?

Because of the way things currently work, uploading a new copy will not update your Kindle copy unless you do a Contact Us (at the bottom right of this page) and politely ask the folks there to "push" you the newer version. After they do that, you go to your Kindle, or PC Kindle software, and select Tools / Sync and Check to get the changed copy. Note that this option is NOT available if you happen to have a book open.

Note also that the last time I had changes pushed, my covers only changed within the book, and the new covers did not show in the Kindle list of books (this bug may have been fixed by now). UPDATE: I've since been told that to see the new covers in the Kindle list, I need to delete the title from the Kindle or PC Kindle software before doing the Sync and Check.

I'll also add a tip: Whenever I have to make a revision, I'll make some small, innocuous change in the portion of the book covered by the Look Inside. That way I can verify that the upload "took" without having to go through the "push" request. For me, near the title page, I've added a single line with only a centered asterisk on it. Then, every time I do a revision, I'll add an asterisk. Some folks here put in an actual revision date, but to me that looks too much like software. :)

Obviously if you've made changes that also affect the Look Inside, you don't need a trick like this. But if you made a major fix to chapter 10, say, putting in an artificial change in the Look Inside area is a way to ease your mind that your changes took.

All that said, changes to the Look Inside (including a new cover, if done) may take a day or two, and will not appear in all countries
simultaneously. Lately, Look Inside changes have gone rather quickly--under 12 hours.

Cover changes on the Amazon product page can take a week to ten days, as actual human eyeballs must verify covers for appropriateness.

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