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Thread: BookDaily promotional campaign

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BookDaily promotional campaign
Posted: Jun 26, 2012 9:34 PM
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I signed up for BookDaily, which had apparently raised its prices from $39/mo to $49/mo, on May 24th. Their lofty promise was that they "publish" book excerpts to online publications which are sent out to 25,000 recipients throughout the month.

After signing up on the 24th, they sent out the first and second email distributions to about 1200 and 1500 recipients on the 29th and 30th of May. I observed no change in sales during these two days and the day or two that followed.

It was two weeks later before they finally sent out another distribution, this time to almost 2100 recipients, on June 13th. Again, the results were undetectable.

It was hard enough dealing with the fact that over 4800 emails had been sent, and at best, perhaps one sale might be attributable to the BookDaily campaign. Worse still, by the time June 20th had arrived, there were only 3 days left in my promotion and they still owed me over 21,000 emails.

I was not silent during the month. I sent queries, I sent concerns, I sent complaints. Each was answered, but all-too-often it was a canned response or a quick brush-off that really didn't answer any of my questions. Of course, the biggest question was; why have I endured 27 days of a 30 day promotion and only had three distributions go out? And if they are really capable of sending out 21,000 emails in a matter of 3 days, why bother with the 30 days at all and just send them all out at once instead?

The answer was not comforting. I was told that BookDaily likes to "maximize exposure" throughout the month and not send out all the emails at once. I replied that I didn't believe that 3 distributions over the course of 27 days, totaling less than 20% of the promised emails, did not qualify as "maximizing exposure", and that sending out 21,000 emails on one or two days at the end of the term is virtually the same thing as sending out all of them at once.

The "big" distribution was promised for the evening of June 20th with over 19,000 recipients. The 20th came and went, then the 21st and I received no confirmation that it had been sent and my emails inquiries were being ignored. Finally, I requested a return of my $49 and my complaint had been forwarded to the President/CEO. He replied to my email on the 21st and said there had been a "glitch" that prevented the June 20th distribution from going out, but that it had since gone out. Regardless, he said they had processed a return of my initial payment. The return was confirmed on the 22nd.

I have to give decent marks for the CEO stepping up and returning my money due to being dissatisfied with their service. However, how often they distribute made little sense, with no consistency and instead working in fits and starts. And finally, after seeing no appreciable results from the emails that were sent, I tend to believe that their list of "recipients" are finding these emails landing in their spam boxes or just never being opened.

Posts: 48
Registered: 05/29/12
Re: BookDaily promotional campaign
Posted: Jun 26, 2012 9:37 PM   in response to: cgleason1121 in response to: cgleason1121
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My larger point in my response to the CEO was that either the 19,000 emails had not been sent at all, contradicting what he claimed, or that the "service" they offer absolutely does not work. I didn't receive a reply.
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