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Thread: Help?

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Joe Baldizzone

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Registered: 03/17/17
Posted: Dec 29, 2017 11:20 AM
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Why could I possibly be getting the following message when trying to respond to threads?

"Please note, your thread will need to be approved by a moderator before it will be posted in the forum."

It happened 2 times with my trying to respond to other threads. I seem to be able to respond to my own threads, and if this posts, then I can do this too, but I don't know why my other posts aren't going up?

There was nothing questionable in either post either, unless there are words I don't know about that get flagged.
Joseph M Erhardt

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Re: Help?
Posted: Dec 29, 2017 11:40 AM   in response to: Joe Baldizzone in response to: Joe Baldizzone
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Time to re-post the currently-known for*bid*den words:

The KDP forum software has been set up weirdly when it comes to words that will automatically kick your post into moderation. The following words are currently no-nos and must be bowdlerized:

deter*mine (in various versions)
center*ing (who knows why?)
pres*crip*tion (may explain why "description" was a trigger for so long--they searched on "scr*iption" or some-such)
audio*books (though the singular may slip by okay?)
ti*ts (reported by another poster)
pes*tering (new!)
under*mine (new!)
cook*books (new!)
ac*ne (new!)

9/13/2017: Evidently some phrase-testing has been added:

Hankies are available ov*er there on the coun*ter.

will trigger a mod, but each of the individual words will not. Bizarre.
Thought: It may be an attempt to catch spam flogging "ov*er-the-coun*ter" meds.

You will still see in various posts people writing the following this way:

K*U or Kay Yoo or Kay Yu
Zon for Amazon

as these used to be kickers.

What really gets bad is when someone uses a forbidden word in the thread title and every response to the thread winds up getting modded because posters don't realize they need to modify their post titles to keep that from happening.

All part of the fun of posting here.

NOTE: The word that seems to trip people up lately, because it just comes up so ordinarily, is deter*mine.


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Re: Help?
Posted: Jan 7, 2018 2:43 AM   in response to: Joseph M Erhardt in response to: Joseph M Erhardt
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K*U or Kay Yoo or Kay Yu
Zon for Amazon
as these used to be kickers.

I'm skeptical. I've used these terms (Kindle Unlimited, Amazon) all along and never been modded by them. I think "Zon" is just one of those pathetic attempts to be in-groupie, like "trad" to sneer at reputable publishers. "Kay Yoo" too. They put my teeth on edge.

But here's one that definitely got modded for several months: KFX, that being the new, highly encrypted Kindle Format Ten. When first introduced, the moderators evidently decided it should be kept from our attention. The MobileRead Kindle Format forum was the only place talking about it. I mentioned it here successfully, but soon enough all such posts were not only modded but never allowed through.

I don't think I'll ever be able to break myself of spelling descr*iption with an asterisk. That's the one that caused the most trouble, since as you say, people would put it in the thread title and the respondents would miss it, getting modded by the handful.

(Don't trust KDP to publish a print edition. Don't trust CreateSpace to publish an ebook. Each does one thing well and the other thing poorly.)

Good luck! -- NJ

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