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Thread: Illustration book I made is going to be stolen.

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Illustration book I made is going to be stolen.
Posted: Jan 12, 2016 9:43 AM
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Now I live at share house.
Of course, there is a manager on the ground floor, and we are 6 men with each one room.

This share house is managed by the man who is employed by the lady owner.

In Autumn, last year, I moved from my growing home to this share house.

Before I moved to here, I made a e-book by using KDP.

At the first I live this share house, another members are very kindness to me.
But soon after I noticed they are criminal group.

First one, they have my room's key. Then I watch the TV program at living room on the ground floor,
one of them use the key and sneak into my room on the first floor and steal my data in the PC.
Most terrible thing was change my PC password into WINDOWS.
Then I had to initialize my PC.
At second, they also stole my personal information, passwords(for everything), and (lady owner ordered to them) they
used evil way to make change my creation to their profit.

In this time, I am very dangerous.
The reason is lady owner ordered them to hide my Chinese character name on my Illustration book's.
If my name was written in Chinese character, people who see my illustration book identify me.
But my name was written in just English, people can't identify me except a little people.

They are hero-like by stolen my creation and personal data.
But they are (especially lady owner) criminal people.

Main evil man is 205.

I can say the ringleader, but if I say the name, I am going to be said mad.

I lived till now, most of things about me was failure. Then I wanna restart life from this movement to share house.
But it is too severe situation around me.
I stocked the document data in my USB. I put USB into the mini sized porch, and always keep in my pocket.
But they came into my room, when I was sleeping.
In the morning, I got up and noticed. Why does my right side of "FUTON" turned up?
Then there is a porch(before I reconfirm it in my right side pocket.) out of the pocket.

I'm very carefully about their steal, I put the USB into bottom of the porch and above it there are another things,always.
But when I noticed the porch was out side, I watched inside. USB was top of the porch.
They took the USB away, and copy my creation's data. And when they returned the USB to my porch, they destroyed many parts of data.

Do you understand?
They steal my data, and copy them. Then I create for many times with an effort.
Data become their profit. And I lost my creation.

I'm not a racist. But just one kind of people, I hate.
People get an information without effort.
Even if it is a criminal, they take a easy way, I hate them.
2015/JAN/13, 15:30, their boss, lady owner is going to held a meeting.
Perhaps they talk about my illustration data.
If they use my illustration without my permit, I can fight a civil trial against them.
And I claim alimony in emotional distress against them.

My illustrations are not Olympic emblem. Then lady owner choiced illustration from my data without my permit to use their
management coffee shop.

They have my amazon's password and illustration data, then I tried to publish illustration book with my Chinese character name,
but they changed my publishing(ex. erase my Chinese character name).

My Chinese character on the page gives me to evidence that illustration book belongs to me.
If without Chinese character name, they probably say, " It can't be identified".
And change the name or fake man appears.

Do I think too much?
I think you can't say it.
If you imagine that the man opened the door key and sneak into my room, when I was sleeping.
I noticed the man came into my room, but I was the asleep pretend.
If the man shake the knife, I was dangerous.
After a while, the man put anything into my foot side of bed and went out from my room.

I got up and checked it.
Then I understand, the day before yesterday, I lost my ring. And I asked all of them(within lady owner).
That ring came back here from thief.

And another example. Before go to the work, I always check the Air-con(switch is off).
But go back to my room in the evening, Air-con is on, then in my room is very hot.
Such days are sometimes happened.
I think somebody goes into my room and turn the Air-con switch on.
It's the reason, but lady owner said to me, " you used Air-con too much".
My face keeps smile, but in my heart I say like this, " f××k you"

They are evil grazing law.
I must get an evidence.


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Re: Illustration book I made is going to be stolen.
Posted: Dec 26, 2016 6:46 AM   in response to: kojiogiyama in response to: kojiogiyama
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I thank you for the information! I was looking for and could not find. You helped me!
Olaf Poser

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Re: Illustration book I made is going to be stolen.
Posted: Feb 11, 2017 4:31 AM   in response to: kojiogiyama in response to: kojiogiyama
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Hello Kijiogyama;

I´m sorry for that.
But maybe you worry too much about life.
Shit will always be happend ...

So what can you do?

Don´t give up and keep on writing.
If one book is stolen, why don´t you write and paint the next two books
and sell them?

I wish you Good Luck


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