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Thread: Formatting Issues

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Formatting Issues
Posted: May 6, 2012 12:02 PM
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I read the book building your book for Kindle... in it it say that formatting should take only 10 minutes to format and begin wirting... YEA RIGHT!
REALLY... that was two days ago and still I can't get my book to open on the previewer and support hasn't answered my question yet?

I looked everywhere to FIND clear and simple instructions that could be printed and used for reference and nothing.

The biggest issue I have is creating "Chapters", I get the list, but how to link them with the different chapters I have written.

I even went as far as trying to rebuild the book from scratch, pasting in the different chapters and nothing works on the previewer.

I need to get this done and uploaded... I tired of getting the evil eye from my wife, since she is the marketing expert and we are doing this together.

I refuse to send any MORE money, the editor said it's ready for Kindle, yet when I put it into the previewer.. it is as messy as my son's playroom.

Help, I am running out of hair to pull out!!

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Re: Formatting Issues
Posted: May 6, 2012 3:06 PM   in response to: vince67 in response to: vince67
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Here's my canned advice on going from Word to Kindle:

I prefer to work in html because it gives me near-infinite control over how
the book will look. There's a steep learning curve, but the same seems to be
true of all other methods for submitting books to the KDP. The Kindle does
a fair job of converting *.doc files. If you want to go this route, here are
some resources:

The Smashwords guide usefully specifies the differences between various Word
releases. Ignore what it says about not using page breaks between chapters.


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Re: Formatting Issues
Posted: May 7, 2012 2:22 PM   in response to: vince67 in response to: vince67
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Here is the link to my Incredibly simnplistic Word to Kindle (Via Calibre) link

Ith is based on pc word, so if you are Using McWord, there may be some glitches!

I use Hyperlinks and Bookmarks to hand builf a Table of contents rather than the H1 hedding method -- this is a PC Word only method!

anyway her it is:

Here is my post on WORD to MOBI to Kindle the first half is Basic word for Kindle the second half is (Basic) Word to Mobi to Kindle

If you follow this guide it will produce an Excellent Kindle book that will Look good and work well on all platforms.


It is a formula

Deviate at your own peril

[b] Shameless Promotion ![/b] :)

Here are 2 books I did using the above method:

Charlotte: A Haunted High School Adventure 1

HAL O'WEENIE: A Haunted High School Adventure 2


[b]Here is a free download to preview and test Kindle books on your computer:


Free Kindle reading Apps for Almost ALL devices! [/b]


Note everything is FREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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