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Thread: Kindle Paired With Print Version

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Edward Juric h

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Kindle Paired With Print Version
Posted: Sep 21, 2017 11:58 AM
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For the last couple years Amazon search results would show my book as the print version and Kindle version displayed together. That is fine and great. I recently added a color print version along with the original B&W book. What happened was Amazon paired the color version with the Kindle version, the B&W book version was hidden in a small link as other formats. This made it seem as the only option was either the expensive color print version or cheap Kindle. I became aware of this when my book sales stopped and my Kindle sales increased. This turn of events was causing me to lose money, my print royalties are much better than the Kindle royalties. I tried retiring the color version, but the unavailable color version was still displayed with the Kindle version, the B&W version hidden in a link. CreateSpace claimed the color version was still there because of secondary sellers, something I really don't understand since none of the color print copies sold. My solution, I had the color version of the print book re-published, then removed Kindle sales from all distribution except for a few English speaking third world countries. I would have been content with just having things go back how they were, but apparently Amazon insists on leaving an unpublished book prominently displayed while hiding the actual available book in an other formats link.

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Re: Kindle Paired With Print Version
Posted: Sep 22, 2017 2:52 AM   in response to: Edward Juric h in response to: Edward Juric h
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Yes, all that is normal practice. Two editions are featured, with other versions lumped together under a text link. It's supposed to be sales that determines the display, with the result that a secondhand version can indeed get favored display. Amazon never removes print editions, because Marketplace sellers want to be able to offer used or new copies against it. You can use the Contact Us option (bottom of this page, right side) to ask Support for help, but I am skeptical that you will prevail.

(Use CreateSpace for paperbacks; use KDP for ebooks.)

Good luck! -- NJ

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