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Thread: Readers' review issues

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Donna St Felix

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Re: Readers' review issues
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 1:47 AM   in response to: Kingsley Jesuor... in response to: Kingsley Jesuor...
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Kingsley Jesuorobo wrote:
If there is one thing I know, it is the fact that opinions are sacred and ought to be aired as long as it is not dangerously harmful to the larger interests of the society. I asked a question and some of you ganged up in an very distasteful and belligerent attempt to compel me to "accept" your position. You demeaned me and the people, many of whom were joining amazon for the first time, who wanted to understand the rationale for the rule. Then someone went all the way to assail and misrepresent my sales record. I do not have any "free" download of my book. You either purchase it outright or pay subscription through Kindle Unlimited to get it.

The question I have is this really an attempt to defend the "review" process?

If you had to defend the process, must you descend so low as to throw accusations of bias and other unwarranted attacks against a fellow author? Who said you were not free to air your views? How relevant are your personal - even nationality - attacks to the question I posted? Then there is reference to previous discussions on the issue! Was I supposed to engage in a historical excursion of the forum history before raising any issue as a new author?

If we have to really analyze things, are there parameters for determining the qualifications of the reviewers along the lines of their book review history? Is it a requirement that they need to have purchased and reviewed other books before they are able to leave comments? I don't know the answers to many of these things.

If we are all authors trying to protect the integrity of the rating or review process, I would think that verified purchase of the book in question ought to be the only valid parameter to determine who is allowed to write a review. What has someone's review of another book or purchase of other items got to do with his or her ability to assess my own work or your own work?

I really need to understand the motive behind these concerted personal attacks folks!!

I replied and it went to moderation. Hopefully, it will show up, possibly somewhere above before the snow falls.
Emily Veinglory

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Re: Readers' review issues
Posted: Oct 6, 2017 7:36 AM   in response to: Kingsley Jesuor... in response to: Kingsley Jesuor...
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Nobody made a personal attack. What is your motive for perceiving that they did?

Anyhow, you got your answer. What more do you want?
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