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"Your only judge is your readership. And that's the way it should be."

Keith Houghton, author of Killing Hope

I was banging on publishers' doors for 30 years before Kindle Direct Publishing opened theirs. Like most aspiring authors, I thought of self-publishing as a cottage industry, mostly tainted by mothballs. My feet were planted firmly in the traditional agent-to-publisher route, mapped out with dead-ends and rejection slips. Naively, I believed if my writing was good enough then it would sell. What I didn't gamble on were the odds being stacked against me. To get an agent, open a publisher's door, so many things--all beyond my control--had to line up just right. The key was finding an agent who believed in my work. It took three decades and dozens of hopeful letters to get a foot in the door, and even then, it closed at the final step.

"The success has been very empowering--and I couldn't have done it without Kindle. For the first time in centuries authors are able to make a living and really connect with our readers."

C. J. Lyons, best selling-author of Blind Faith

I've been a writer all my life but never thought about making a career of it until a few years ago. I worked 3 jobs to put myself through medical school, but after 17 years of medicine, I sold my first book to a NYC publisher and decided to quit medicine. When I was in medical school I wrote science fiction and fantasy novels, but during my pediatric internship, one of my fellow interns was murdered and I switched to writing thrillers and suspense. It was my way of coping with the trauma. For my characters, I like to highlight ordinary people who are able to find the courage to make a difference in the world.

"It can take so many months to work with agents and publishers, so you are better off just going direct with self-publishing."

Michael Prescott, author of Stealing Faces

Since 2009, I started focusing on independently publishing eBooks as I had already been published in print for several years. To start with, I wanted to bring back the old books that were mostly out of print. One book, "Rip Tide", had never been published. I was going to bring it out on Print on Demand with CreateSpace, and at the time publishing to Kindle through KDP was an afterthought. But of course the Kindle version sold much better. It took a while for my books to build up in the bestseller lists, but they took off recently.

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