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"Being able to self-publish my romances via KDP has made me so incredibly connected to my readers."

Bella Andre, best-selling author of The Sullivans series

Amazon's KDP platform came into my life at just the right time. It was January 2010 and I was just finishing up my 3rd contract with a NY publisher in 6 years. My last three books had been sold at auction and it should have been a great time for me as a full-time writer. Unfortunately, things had never looked quite so bleak when I found out that not only would my option for a new series not be picked up...but it even looked like I might have to change my author name and “start over”.

"Amazon's self-publishing model has fully convinced me that I really can make it as a writer."

Jessica Park, best-selling author of Flat-Out Love

After working (rather unhappily) through the traditional publishing route for several years with limited success, I wrote "Relatively Famous" and self-published that book about two years ago. I'm still very happy with that book, but I can see now that I was still subscribing to what I thought I "should" write. Writing "Flat-Out Love" was the first time that I wrote with total abandon, ignoring all of the "rules" often associated with writing for young adults, primarily because I knew that I wouldn't have to get past large publishing houses. I was in control of my book, and I truly understood, at last, the meaning of "pouring your heart" into something. I wrote a novel that was totally "me." I published this on KDP in April of 2011. Sales were slow during the first two months, but suddenly picked up in late June. I had given away tons of review copies to bloggers, many of whom graciously posted their reviews on Amazon and helped garner some online buzz for the book. Flat-Out Love's ranking on Amazon suddenly began jumping, at one point holding steady around #450, and my little book miraculously has spent many weeks as the top-rated kindle romance on Amazon! That marker of success was one I hadn't come close to before.

"KDP has created an amazing environment for authors, with all the tools you need to publish successfully."

Tanya Anne Crosby, author of Sagebrush Bride

I sold my first book in 1991, a complete novice to the industry. I wrote from the gut and knew little about marketing or promotion, agents, or publishers. 19 books later, I can officially call myself a veteran author, but it took a 10-year hiatus to teach me something I forgot along the way.

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