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"I took a chance on staying independent because my story is so near and dear to my heart. Selling all of the rights to it would be like selling my own child and I could never do that to my child."

Sarah Burleton, author of Why Me?

It seems like it took my entire life to write the recounting of my abusive childhood in "Why Me?" Every time I tried to write it down I didn't know how to start, and more importantly, I didn't know how the world would react. Would they mock me and say that I got what I deserved? Or would I be criticized for putting my "dirty laundry" out for the world to see? But, at the urging of my husband, who believed that getting my story out onto paper could help me heal, I decided to write it without even thinking about publishing it. So I finally wrote my story. I wrote it all.

"In my opinion, an author can't go wrong publishing through Amazon KDP."

Dreama Denver, author of Gilligan's Dreams: The Other Side of the Island

Though I always loved writing and believed there was a book inside me just waiting to be written, that book didn't become a reality until I was well into adulthood. "Gilligan's Dreams", the story of my 30 year marriage to "Gilligan's Island" star Bob Denver, was a result of living through the highs and lows of life; it was the result of meeting life's challenges head on and surviving; but more than anything, my book was the result of losing the love of my life after 30 years of marriage, believing in every part of me that there was no way I could possibly go on without him, only to find I was made of much stronger stuff than I realized. Not only could I survive my loss, but I could honor my husband's memory by living my life to the fullest, by using our experiences to inspire others and by doing everything within my power to make this world a better place; at least my little part of it. So, I was in my fifties before I felt I had something vital to say and a voice with which to say it.

"Self-publishing, for me, is freedom and discovery."

Stephan Talty, author of Operation Cowboy: The Secret American Mission to Save the World's Most Beautiful Horses in the Last Days of World War II

I'd wanted to be a writer since I was in fourth grade at St. John the Evangelist School in Buffalo. It was another fifteen years before I published my first piece - in a small magazine - while working at Doubleday Books, my first job out of college. (Jackie O worked down the hall, which impressed my parents to no end.) But what I wanted to do was write what I loved most: narrative nonfiction books.

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