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Enter your first and last name or the name of your publishing company and the mailing address you want us to use for tax reporting purposes and payment, if "check" is your chosen method.

Tax Information

Federal law requires us to report all royalty earnings to the Internal Revenue Service. Enter your legal name used to report earnings and for filing taxes. For tax purposes, we require a tax identification number (TIN), employer identification number (EIN), or social security number (SSN) to be entered for publishers residing in the United States. For more information regarding taxes for non-U.S. publishers, please see Tax Information.  

Payment Information

Choose the method of payment you prefer for each of Amazon's distribution channels. In order to receive electronic payments for your sales, please enter your bank account information. To add an account or edit an existing one, click "Add or edit account." If you do not set up a bank account, your royalties will be paid by check in the default currency of the marketplace where the sale took place. Be sure your royalty payment settings are correct, as your currency selection will be used to calculate your royalties.

For U.S. based accounts selecting EFT as a payment method, Amazon sends a prenote (a zero value transaction) through your bank to check the validity of the routing number and bank account number you’ve entered. If the prenote fails, we will contact you to obtain updated bank information.

Your available payment options are based on the location of your bank account. Please click the links below to see more details by your preferred location.

United States (US) | United Kingdom (UK) | European Union (EU) | Canada (CA) | Brazil (BR) | Japan (JP) | India (IN) | Mexico (MX) | Australia (AU) | New Zealand (NZ) |  Other
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