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Account security and avoiding scams

We’re committed to protecting authors and publishers. Below are some ways you can help keep your KDP account and personal information secure. Additionally, we’ve provided tips on how to differentiate KDP from fraudulent companies impersonating us or claiming to be affiliated with us.

Note: The information and tips below are meant to help you identify scammers, but is not a complete guide. If you're in doubt, you can reach out to us via the Contact Us Form to ensure you're getting help from a KDP representative.

Keep your account secure

Avoid scams and attempts to steal your information

Protect yourself and your account from fraudulent companies that falsely claim to be affiliated with Amazon or KDP. These companies can attempt to sell you fake or low-quality publishing services or obtain your personal information (phishing).

Key points to remember:

  • KDP does not ask you to reveal your Amazon password or full bank account details. You should only submit this information through your Amazon, KDP, or Author Central account.
  • KDP is a free self-publishing service. We do not offer fee-based services such as editing or book design. Therefore we won’t ask you for payment details such as credit card numbers, PINs, or credit card security codes to bill you for those types of services.
The following tips can help you identify the difference between Kindle Direct Publishing and those impersonating us across channels:

Search results and online ads

Remember that KDP is a free service and is not affiliated with third-party companies that charge for consulting or self-publishing. Imposter companies may advertise their services and appear in internet search results, but that does not mean they are affiliated with KDP. These companies can pressure you into spending money by offering discounts for quick payment.

Genuine KDP websites include:

Social media

KDP does not support account-specific questions on social media. This means we don’t ask for any account, personal, or banking information on social media posts or in private social media messages. If you have account-specific questions, use our Contact Us Form to request support from KDP. If you have general comments and questions for KDP, such as questions on book formatting, our official social handles are:


KDP will not ask you for banking information or passwords over email. If you are ever in doubt about the authenticity of an email, visit our site directly rather than clicking any links in the email.


The only way to request phone support from a KDP representative is to submit a call request through the Contact Us Form on the KDP website. In rare circumstances, we may call you, but remember that KDP will never ask you to provide sensitive information such as your password, full bank account details, or credit card number over the phone.

Learn more about identifying scams.

Report a scam

If you happen to discover a website or social media account that you think is impersonating an Amazon publishing service, we encourage you to report the scam to Amazon. These reports give us information that we can use to identify bad actors and better protect authors and publishers.

If you think your KDP account has been compromised, we encourage you to:
  1. Change your password.
  2. Check your account information has not been altered, including:
    • Author / Publisher Information (physical address, email address, phone number, etc.).
    • Bank Account
    • Tax Information
  3. Check your Bookshelf and titles are as you intend.
  4. Report to KDP by contacting us.

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