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Enter Book Details

The details you enter during title setup appear on your Amazon detail page. To provide the best customer experience, follow our guidelines for Kindle eBook and paperback when entering your book details.

Video: Entering paperback detailsVideo: Book details best practices

Book Details

The title, subtitle, author name, series information, and ISBN in your manuscript file must match the details you enter during title setup. Kindle eBooks and paperbacks are linked automatically if the author name and book title of both editions match exactly. During the publishing process, KDP tries to match book details like title and author name to other editions available in the Amazon catalog.

Book Details Description
Language Choose the language in which you wrote your book. Amazon allows customers to refine the searches or filter their browse results by language. This is particularly useful in marketplaces serving customers with a variety of language speakers. To avoid file rejections, make sure the language you choose matches the language in which the book is written. Learn more about the languages KDP supports.
Book Title Titles are the most frequently searched attribute of a book. To avoid having your book removed from sale due to extraneous information in the title, enter your title as it will appear on the book cover or copyright page, if purchasing an ISBN for paperbacks, the title and subtitle should match exactly what was registered. Also make sure to follow our guidelines for Kindle eBook and paperback.
Series Enter this information if your book is part of a series. The series name and volume number helps customers find other books in your series on Amazon. If your book is part of a series, your series needs accurate titles and volume numbers.
Edition number You can enter an edition number if this title is a new edition of an existing book. An edition is a particular version of a book. The edition number tells readers whether the book is an original version or an updated version.

If this is the first time you've published this book, enter the number 1. If you've already published the book and the new version you're publishing contains significant changes, enter the number 2 (and so on).
Author Enter the name of the primary author. Ensure it's consistent with other books associated with the author because author name is one of the most common ways customers will find your book. Also, several Amazon features (e.g., Author Pages, Series Pages, format linking) rely on a consistent author name.

Your book should have at least one author or primary contributor.
Contributors Contributors are the people involved in creating your book. These include editors, illustrators, translators. You can include anyone you want to give credit to, as long as they worked on the book. You can enter up to 10 contributors.

You must list all contributors to public domain content. Don't add anything (e.g. search keywords) other than contributors here. You can use a pen name, as long as it doesn't impair readers’ ability to make good buying decisions.
Description Your description appears on your book's Amazon detail page and is often a reader's first experience with the content of your book. A well-written description piques readers' interest and assures them your book is of high quality. Ensure you follow our guidelines for Kindle eBook and paperback to avoid having your book removed from sale or flagged for quality issues.

Because your book description will show on the Amazon website, your description must include formatting such a line breaks, bolding, and italicization using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Learn more about HTML for Book Description.
Publishing Rights You have two options:

  1. You own the copyright and hold necessary publishing rights. Choose this option if your book is under copyright and you hold the necessary rights for the content.
  2. This is a public domain work. Choose this option if you are publishing a public domain book. Keep in mind that the duration of copyright varies between countries and regions. If your book is in the public domain in one country/region but not another, you must identify your territory rights accordingly. Learn more about public domain content.
Keywords Search keywords help readers find your book when they browse Amazon. Choose up to seven keywords that describe your book. Enter keywords or short phrases that describe your book and are relevant to its content.

The best keywords don't repeat words in the title, category, or description. We already use those details to help readers find your book. Some types of keywords aren't allowed and may result in content being removed from sale. Learn more about search keywords.
Categories A browse category is the section of Amazon where users can find your book. Think of the browse category like the sections of a physical bookstore (fiction, history, and so on). You can select up to two browse categories for your book. Learn more about browse categories.
Age and grade range (Kindle eBooks only) If you are publishing a children's book, select an age range and/or U.S. grade range. Age and grade refinements are some of the most popular filters used for children's titles. Learn more about age and grade ranges.
Pre-order (Kindle eBooks only) Pre-order lets you offer customers the option to pre-order your book as much as 90 days before the release date. On your book's release date, customers who pre-ordered your book will automatically have it delivered to their Kindle. Learn more about Kindle eBook Pre-order.
Label (Amazon.co.jp Kindle eBooks only) If applicable, enter your label to help readers find your book. This information will help categorize your book into genres, series, and brands.

This field only appears if you select Japanese as your book's primary language.

Learn how to update your book details.

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